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Sydney Harbour Paint Company's Limewash: Transform Your Space with Timeless Elegance

Limewash is more than just a paint; it's a tradition, a way to bring the charming, weathered patina of the Mediterranean into your home or outdoor spaces. Sydney Harbour Paint Company's Limewash, available in an astonishing 365 colors, provides an authentic, eco-friendly, and odorless lime-based coating that creates a soft, unique, and weathered finish. Dive into the timeless art of Limewash and discover its versatile applications for both exteriors and interiors.

What is Limewash?

Limewash is a unique lime-based coating that emulates the soft, weathered patina often found on buildings throughout the Mediterranean. Sydney Harbour's Original Limewash is a traditional recipe, designed to create a distinct, organic finish. It's free from odors and VOCs, and its unique formula allows the lime to "bloom" on the surface, producing delightful color variations. Streaking around moldings is a characteristic feature of this finish. Limewash is made from slaked lime, and its consistency is similar to that of a milkshake.

Unlike modern acrylic paints, Limewash is not as thick and is intended for use on raw plaster or surfaces properly sealed with the Limeproof Undercoat Sealer.

What Sets Our Limewash Apart?

Sydney Harbour's Limewash products are true lime-based Limewash, distinct from water-based "limewash paint" alternatives on the market. While other paints may mix hydraulic lime with water-based paints, creating a thicker and powdery finish, our Limewash remains authentic, eco-friendly, and produces the soft Mediterranean patina it's known for.

Applications of Limewash

Exterior Limewash:

Sydney Harbour's Exterior Limewash helps you recreate the enchanting finishes found in Tuscany, Portofino, and the Mediterranean. It's an excellent choice for exterior surfaces and offers the following features:

  • All-natural formula made from slaked and aged lime.
  • No mixing required; it comes pre-tinted in your choice of 365 beautiful colors.
  • Easy to apply, creating an authentic, weathered patina.
  • Hygienic properties due to its high pH, acting as a mild fungicide.
  • Covers approximately 350 to 400 sq. ft. per gallon.
  • Suitable for application directly over raw stucco, raw brick, raw stone, and raw concrete.
  • The unique formulation allows the lime to gently "bloom" through the paint.
  • Click here to view full specifications

Interior Limewash:

Interno Limewash is designed for interior use, replicating the soft weathered patina of a traditional lime wash. Its features include:

  • All-natural formula made from slaked and aged lime.
  • No mixing required, pre-tinted in a variety of elegant colors.
  • Easy application that encourages the lime to gently "bloom" through the paint.
  • Hygienic properties due to its high pH, acting as a mild fungicide.
  • Coverage of approximately 350 to 400 sq. ft. per gallon.
  • Click here to view full specifications


Sydney Harbour Paint Company's Limewash offers a unique opportunity to add timeless elegance to your space, whether indoors or outdoors. The extensive range of colors allows you to personalize your design, while the authentic, eco-friendly, and odorless formula provides an unmistakable Mediterranean patina. Discover the beauty and versatility of Limewash and start your journey toward creating captivating, weathered finishes.

Ready to transform your space? Explore our extensive range of Limewash colors and make a lasting impression.

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