Sydney Harbour's Metallic Paint Collection

Add dimension and texture to any surface with our metallic paint collection. Metallic paints available in both interior and exterior formulas are suitable for use in residential and commercial spaces, offices, entertainment venues, theme parks and more. 


Metallic Paint Products

  • Duchess Satin

    Duchess Satin

    Achieve a pearlescent shimmer with Duchess Satin. This metallic paint was designed to mimic the shine of a wedding gown and can now bring that hint of metallic shine to any surface. 

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  • Liquid Tin

    Liquid Tin

    Like our other metallic paints, Liquid Tin contains real tin metal fragments to create the beautiful patina of real tin. Liquid Tin is burnished with fine steel wool or mechanically polished to a high shine.

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  • Liquid Gold

    Liquid Gold

    Nothing says luxury like a hint of gold. Sydney Harbour's Liquid Gold is a metallic paint that is heavily pigmented gold.

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  • Industrial Lustre

    Industrial Lustre

    Industrial Luster creates a rich shimmer on all interior and exterior surfaces with an intriguing glitter effect created by the addition of Micaceous Iron Oxide. This is a metallic paint that is less delicate in appearance then something like Duchess Satin

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  • Liquid Iron & Instant Rust

    Liquid Iron & Instant Rust

    Want that ancient rusted iron look without waiting for the sand of time to do the work naturally? With the Liquid Iron & Instant Rust Kit you can achieve that weathered and rusted look without the wait. This paint product contains real, raw iron filings sourced from multiple scrap yards.  Being water based the liquid iron and instant rust kit are easy to apply and can give that iron metallic look to any interior or exterior surface. 

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  • Liquid Copper

    Liquid Copper

    Bring the rich colors of copper to any interior or exterior surface with Sydney Harbour's Liquid Copper metallic paint. Available in two color tones (standard and rich copper) in either pint or quart sizes.

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