About Us

 Quality, Texture, Color and Innovation

At Sydney Harbour Paint Company we offer our clients unique finishes for interiors and exteriors. Our paint products are all durable, easy to apply and made by hand by the artisan paint company Porter's Paints, based in Sydney, Australia.

Sydney Harbour paints contain only the finest raw materials. Our paint quality has never been compromised by using cheaper ingredients, and all paints are still made by traditional methods and to original formulations. Our finishes have been created to ensure beautiful texture and depth of color, whether inside or outside the home and regardless of style.
We have long been at the forefront of color trends and take pride in employing a team with a keen eye and with an innate love of color. We are industry innovators in the development of specialty finishes, especially our metallic range.

Inside this website, you will find a world inspired by a passion for the natural environment, and a philosophy to celebrate and protect it.

Welcome to the world of Sydney Harbour Paint Company.

Welcome to an endless world of color.