Venetian Plaster Application, Waterproofing, and Painting Guide

Venetian Plaster: An Elegant Wall Finish

fresco plaster - Sydney Harbour's Venetian Plaster product


What is Venetian Plaster? 

Venetian Plaster, known for its smooth surface and marble-like appearance, is a trowel-applied finish that incorporates marble dust with slaked lime. The resulting durable surface can be polished to a high sheen, emulating the look and feel of real marble. At Sydney Harbour, we continue the legacy with our premium Fresco Plaster paint products, offering an affordable solution to achieve that luxurious finish.

History of Venetian Plaster:

The tradition of adorning walls with marble began in ancient Italy and reached its pinnacle in Venice. However, the weight of marble proved too heavy for the city's foundations. Enter Basilio, a visionary artisan, who ingeniously combined marble dust with slaked lime to create a lighter alternative that could be polished like marble. This innovation is what the world now celebrates as Venetian Plaster, a craft perfected in our Sydney Harbour Fresco Plaster paint products.


Is Venetian plaster waterproof?

"Is Venetian plaster waterproof?" is a question we frequently encounter. The waterproof nature of Venetian Plaster depends on its base composition. While cement or solvent-based plasters can resist water, our Sydney Harbour Fresco Plaster is designed for interior aesthetics and uses a water-based acrylic resin, ideal for creating a decorative statement.

How to apply venetian plaster:

Seeking instructions on 'how to apply Venetian plaster'? Begin with a base coat primer—rollable or sprayable—followed by a first coat applied with a trowel. Once dry, sand with 600 grit before applying a second skim coat. Finish with a fine sanding using 800 grit to achieve that signature smooth surface. For a detailed walkthrough, Sydney Harbours provides an in-depth guide on applying our Fresco Plaster Venetian Plaster product.

  1. Base Coat Primer: Roll or spray
  2. Trowel on first coat
  3. Sand with 600 grit
  4. Trowel on second (skim) coat
  5. Sand with 600 grit then 800 grit


How to clean venetian plaster?

Maintaining the pristine look of polished Venetian plaster is simple. Mild scuffs and marks can be gently buffed away, and if your plaster is waxed, it becomes effortlessly wipeable with a damp cloth.  

Can you paint over venetian plaster?

Waxed Venetian plaster surfaces must first be stripped of their wax coating before you can proceed to prime and paint. Unwaxed surfaces, on the other hand, can be treated similarly to new drywall, primed, and painted to refresh or alter the aesthetic.

How to paint over venetian plaster?

Strip wax sealer off of plaster, use a high quality sealer-primer (Limeproof Undercoat Sealer,) then two coats of paint.

Is venetian plaster expensive?

The material costs of our Fresco Plaster are surprisingly affordable, but bear in mind that the artisanal application may be more costly than standard painting. The investment, however, translates into a timeless elegance that enriches any space.

Where to buy venetian plaster?

Wondering 'where to buy Venetian plaster'? Sydney Harbour Paint Company is your go-to destination in the US, offering Fresco Plaster online for your convenience. In Australia, Porter’s Original Paints is your premier supplier.


Choosing the Right Venetian Plaster for Your Space

Our commitment at Sydney Harbour is to provide not just quality products but also the knowledge and support needed to ensure your projects shine with the sophistication of Venetian Plaster. Contact us today or visit our website for more information and to explore our wide range of Venetian Plaster products.