Unraveling the Mystery of Lime Wash Paint

Unraveling the Mystery of Lime Wash Paint

Limewash, a product of exquisite craftsmanship, is a true testament to the artistry that can be found in the world of interior design. Limewash is a luxurious brush applied coating that adds depth and luminosity to flat walls.

What is the process behind creating Sydney Harbour’s limewash?

The journey of Sydney Harbour’s limewash begins with the meticulous process of creating lime putty also known as slaking the lime.  This ancient process has been done in Europe and Australia for generations and is still performed in Australia using the traditional methods. This putty is aged for up to 7 years, allowing it to develop a purity and complexity that is unparalleled. Once the lime putty is ready, it is carefully transformed into limewash at our factory Porter’s Original Paints in Sydney, Australia.
Porter’s Original Paints has been making limewash for over 40 years and is known in the US as Sydney Harbour Paint Company.

How is limewash colored?

At our shops, the limewash is infused with natural pigments, adding a touch of artistry to the mix. We are one of the only companies that makes our own series of special pigments especially for the limewash. These pigments, sourced from the finest natural minerals, allow us to create a palette of colors that evoke a sense of sophistication and elegance. From soft neutrals to natural hues, our colored limewash can transform any space into a work of art.

Sydney Harbour Paint Company Interno Limewash  Sydney Harbour Paint Company Interno Limewash  Interno Limewash Liberty Green by Sydney Harbour Paint Company
What is the result of applying limewash to your walls?

When applied to your walls, limewash creates a stunning visual effect. Its thinly applied coating dries to a mottled, matte finish, reminiscent of the texture of suede. The chalky texture adds a tactile element to your walls, inviting the light to bounce across the surface and venture deep into its pores. The result is a wall surface that exudes a beautiful glow that can only be found in natural materials.

Interno LimeWash_TripleWoodSmoke_ArtClubConcept_KerrieAnnJonesStylist  Interno LimeWash_Color Coral  Sydney Harbour Paint Company Interno LimeWash_MountainAsh for Abbie Naber    
Why choose limewash for your interior design?

Limewash offers a unique alternative to traditional paint. Its organic composition and natural pigments create a finish that is both environmentally friendly and visually captivating. Unlike paint, limewash allows the underlying texture of your walls to shine through, adding depth and character to your space. It is a choice that speaks to those who appreciate a delicate and natural look in their space. 

Sydney Harbour Paint Company Interno Limewash Color: Dun for Office of Tangible Space_3  InternoLimeWash_GreyPepper_TheDesignChaser 2  Sydney Harbour Paint Company for La Casa Black _ Interno Limewash in Dark Colored Lime Wash 
How can you incorporate limewash into your home?

Whether you are looking to create a statement wall or add a touch of elegance to an entire room, limewash is a versatile choice. Its subtle yet impactful finish can complement a range of interior styles, from modern minimalism to classic sophistication. Consider using limewash in your living room, bedroom, or even your kitchen to elevate the ambiance of your space.  In areas that experience heavier traffic (kitchen, bathroom, kids or pet area) we highly recommend the Matt Wall Sealer that will seal in and provide a wipeable surface on the limewash.

As you embark on your journey to transform your walls into works of art, remember the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into creating limewash. Its rich history and luxurious finish make it a choice that is truly exclusive. Embrace the elegance of limewash and let your walls become a canvas for sophistication and beauty.


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