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Top 5 Reasons to use Traditional Paints

In the age of modern paint innovations, why should you still consider traditional paints?


#1) Eco-Friendly Choices: Traditional paints aren't just about history; they're also about sustainability. Unlike their modern counterparts, which often have petroleum-based origins, traditional paints are derived from natural sources. This not only reduces environmental impact but also makes them a safer choice, free from harmful chemicals. 

Sydney Harbour Paint Company Interno Lime Wash in buckets with heritage brushes

 #2) Aesthetically Superior: Beyond their historical and eco-friendly merits, traditional paints simply look stunning. Lime Wash, Fresco Plaster, Stone Paint, and Wood Wash bring surfaces that sparkle and radiate a unique charm. When you add colored pigments to the mix, you get a play of subtle movement and varying intensity. These paints seem to have a life of their own and can transform the look and feel of any room. They break free from the standardized, homogenized look of modern paints and offer something refreshingly authentic.

Sydney Harbour Paint Company Lime Wash exterior with weathering and streaking

#3) Character and UniquenessIn a world where reliability often leads to blandness, traditional paints offer a glimpse into a world of coarse, simple structures and complex crystalline mineral compositions. They bring back a sense of character and uniqueness that has been largely lost in the world of synthetic, identical colors.  Don't be lulled into mediocrity by some corporate sales pitch! Who would want to show feeble conformity by using the latest "Color of the Year?"

Sydney Harbour Paint Company Fresco Venetian Plaster Shell Grey contemporary interior designer chair

#4) What's your Style? So, whether you're in a historic setting or a modern, minimal space, traditional paints can work their magic. Their delicate effects and timeless aesthetics add depth and interest, making them a valuable choice. We're not talking about romantic notions; we're talking about the real, tangible appeal that traditional paints bring to contemporary design.

arch painted with lime wash chair cactus palm springs, modern Nuevo Spanish architecture

#5) Exhibit Signs of Life:  Even our industrial looking concrete and brick buildings can benefit from a coat of lime wash. It's more interesting and alive than a coat of plastic paint. Instead of covering our progressive architecture in dull, flat colors, let's combine modern design with traditional materials and paints. Imagine how great our buildings would look and how seamlessly they would fit into their surroundings.


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