Whites & Off-whites

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 shpc-color-talc.png  shpc-color-k2.png  shpc-color-alpen.png  shpc-color-gardenia.png
Talc K2 Alpen Gardenia
 shpc-color-snowwhite.png  shpc-color-popcorn.png  shpc-color-lambswool.png  shpc-color-plasterofparis.png
Snow White Popcorn Lamb's Wool Plaster of Paris
 shpc-color-milk.png  shpc-color-whitesand.png  shpc-doublewhitesand.png  shpc-color-icelandicstone.png
Milk White Sand Double White Sand Icelandic Stone
 shpc-color-snowgoose.png  shpc-color-chalknsw.png  shpc-color-halfoldchurch.png  shpc-color-oldchurchwhite.png
Snow Goose Chalk NSW Half Old Church White  Old Church White
 shpc-color-bombealaska.png  shpc-color-coconutmilk.png  shpc-color-whisk.png  shpc-color-moonshadow.png
Bombe Alaska Coconut Milk  Whisk Moon Shadow
 shpc-color-white.png  shpc-color-longhorn.png  shpc-color-westernwhite.png  shpc-color-whalebone.png
White Longhorn Western White Whale Bone
 shpc-color-piraeus.png  shpc-color-irishlinen.png  shpc-color-cashmere.png  shpc-color-meringue.png
Piraeus Irish Linen Cashmere Meringue
 shpc-color-almondwhite.png  shpc-color-bone.png  shpc-color-mountainash.png  shpc-color-whiteflag.png
Almond White Bone Mountain Ash White Flag


We recommend choosing colors from the hand painted samples in our fan decks or by ordering our handmade sample jars.

Computer screens do not accurately represent colors and should be used as a guide only.


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