White Iron & Instant Rust Kit

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Create an authentic rusted iron effect on any paintable surface with White Iron and Instant Rust. Instantly age and give a weatherbeaten, rustic iron finish with these easy to use products. 


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Approximately 65 to 85 sq. ft. per liter, depending upon porosity, surface texture and wastage rates.

Instant Rust covers approximately 100 sq. ft. per liter.

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Due to the nature of the product, small amounts of oxygen are created by iron particles that are present in the liquid.  Our packaging has a small vent in the top of the container to allow air to escape during expansion and contraction of the paint. When we ship the product, we place a sticker over the hole and package it carefully to minimize seepage of any Liquid Iron paint.  Once your package is received the top sticker can be removed.  Occasionally, during shipping, a small amount of liquid may escape from the container.  Most of the time this is insignificant (besides the slight mess) and does not compromise the quality of the product. If you have any concerns or questions upon receipt of your order please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service at 310-444-2882.

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