Palm Beach Black

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Sydney Harbour’s Palm Beach Black is a water based, colorfast black stain for most timber types. Palm Beach Black will produce a transparent effect to enhance the grain of timber. This stain is made with the highest quality UV resistant exterior grade pigments that will enhance water resistance and UV protection. 


Stir thoroughly prior to use.

Apply Palm Beach Black in the shade. Apply 1 coat by brush, roller or spray, following the grain and ensuring even coverage. No longer than 3 minutes after application, wipe off excess paint with a soft, absorbent cloth so that the crevices and grain of the timber hold the color. If required apply a second coat to deepen the color, using the same method. Touch dry 30 minutes (using this method). Allow 4 hours dry time before applying second coat. Allow to dry 24 hours.

 Do not try to achieve greater opacity with the addition of further coats, as build-up of product can cause cracking or flaking of the finish. 


Approximately 600 to 800 sq. ft. per gallon, depending upon porosity, surface texture and wastage rates. Please note that on weathered or aged timber with an open grain or more absorbent surface, coverage may be decreased.

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