Our Difference

We produce some of the most environmentally friendly paints available anywhere in the world today.

In contrast to many other manufacturers, our paints are all water based, we use a variety of natural ingredients and limit or avoid harmful ingredients. Sydney Harbour Paint Company has created a range of products that fall into the zero VOC paint category. In other words, that makes these paints 100% environmentally sound.

Sydney Harbour identifies passionately with the environment. Australians and Southern Californians seem to grow up with a love of the outdoors. This overwhelming outdoor environment is ever present in our collective imagination. Its diversity and vibrancy has for a long time been Sydney Harbour's guiding inspiration. And in the same way we accept its safekeeping is our obligation.

For over three decades now, Sydney Harbour has pushed to make the reduction of harmful VOC's a core objective of our industry. A long-term commitment to research and development has already achieved VOC reductions that would have been considered unimaginable even a few years ago. These are reductions that have distinct benefits for the environment, our community and your family.

At Sydney Harbour Paint Company choosing responsibly doesn't mean compromising on creativity or quality. All our low or zero VOC products retain that distinctive Sydney Harbour Paint Company richness, they're just a great way to do it naturally.

Through innovation, education and continued leadership, Sydney Harbour Paint Company strongly believes that we can encourage both our competitors and the wider community alike, to come together and make the kind of difference that we can all share in the future.