Ochres, Yellows & Oranges

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 shpc-color-neroli.png  shpc-color-citrine.png  shpc-color-mexicanlime.png  shpc-color-jackfruit.png
Neroli Citrine Mexican Lime Jackfruit
 shpc-color-zest.png  shpc-color-canary.png  shpc-color-limetta.png  shpc-color-soleil.png 
Zest Canary Limetta Soleil
 shpc-color-limoncello.png  shpc-color-rattan.png  shpc-color-rousillon.png  shpc-color-overland.png
Limoncello Rattan Rousillon Overland
 shpc-color-sundance.png  shpc-color-tumeric.png  shpc-color-backcountry.png  shpc-color-caesar.png
Sundance Tumeric Back Country Caesar
 shpc-color-romanochre.png  shpc-color-amber.png  shpc-color-ochre.png  shpc-color-palomino.png
Roman Ochre Amber Ochre Palomino
 shpc-color-goldenochre.png  shpc-color-bullwhip.png  shpc-color-buckskin.png  shpc-color-firedearth.png
Golden Ochre Bullwhip Buckskin Fired Earth
 shpc-color-cadanera.png  shpc-color-lhasa.png  shpc-color-spicetemple.png  shpc-color-hotginger.png
Cadanera Lhasa Spice Temple Hot Ginger
 shpc-color-garammasala.png  shpc-color-gusto.png  shpc-color-madras.png  shpc-color-pagoda.png
Garam Masala Gusto Madras Pagoda


We recommend choosing colors from the hand painted samples in our fan decks or by ordering  our handmade sample jars.

Computer screens do not accurately represent colors and should be used as a guide only.


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