Liquid Copper & Patina Green Kit

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Liquid Copper and Patina Green are used together to recreate copper with the green patination of age. Suitable for almost any paintable surface, both interior and exterior, the oxidation effect that the Patina Green has on the Liquid Copper allows you to create your own authentic aged copper walls, downpipes and garden ornaments. 


APPLYING LIQUID COPPER: Stir thoroughly prior to use to ensure an even distribution of copper particles. Apply two coats by brush. Touch dry in 2 hours. Allow minimum 12 hours dry time between coats.

APPLYING PATINA GREEN: See Full Specifications


Approximately 260 to 340 sq. ft. per gallon, depending upon porosity, surface texture and wastage rates. 

Patina Green covers approximately 50 sq. ft. per 500ml.

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