Greys & Blacks

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 shpc-color-halfdustymule.png  shpc-color-dustymule.png  shpc-color-doubledustymule.png  shpc-color-stormy.png
Half Dusty Mule  Dusty Mule  Double Dusty Mule  Stormy 
 shpc-color-elegance.png  shpc-color-shellgrey.png  shpc-color-whiterhino.png  shpc-color-ramshead.png
Elegance Shell Grey  White Rhino Ramshead
 shpc-color-snowpatrol.png  shpc-color-greygoose.png  shpc-color-windstorm.png  shpc-color-chainmail.png 
Snow Patrol  Grey Goose Windstorm  Chainmail 
 shpc-color-greyfox.png  shpc-color-drizzle.png  shpc-color-frenchslate.png  shpc-color-leaden.png
Grey Fox Drizzle French Slate Leaden
 shpc-color-blackice.png  shpc-color-caraway.png  shpc-color-panther.png  shpc-color-blackcockatoo.png
Black Ice Caraway Panther Black Cockatoo
 shpc-color-squidink.png  shpc-color-jaguar.png  shpc-color-vanhelsing.png  shpc-color-aniseed.png
Squid Ink Jaguar  Van Helsing Aniseed


We recommend choosing colors from the hand painted samples in our fan decks or by ordering our handmade sample jars.

Computer screens do not accurately represent colors and should be used as a guide only.


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