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Heavy duty Clearcote is an odorless, fast drying, water based clear finish suitable for most interior and exterior surfaces. Has superior exterior durability, excellent UV stability and advanced yellowing resistance. Dries to a low luster finish. 


Stir thoroughly prior to use. Apply two coats by brush or lambs’ wool applicator (recommended for floors). Touch dry in 30 minutes. Allow minimum 2 hours dry time between coats. Hard dry in 2 hours. Sand lightly between coats to remove any raised grain. Vacuum to remove dust before applying another coat. Allow 4-6 hours before allowing light foot traffic on floor surfaces. Full cure is achieved in 2 days. On exterior surfaces protect from rain for 3 days. Not suitable for spraying.


Approximately 600 sq. ft. per gallon, depending upon porosity, surface texture and wastage rates.

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