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Sydney Harbour’s Fresco is a hard wearing finish designed to replicate the cool luster of the troweled plaster walls of ancient European buildings. Sydney Harbour’s Fresco gives a wonderful depth and rustic originality to interior wall surfaces. Sydney Harbour’s Fresco sets to an exceptionally hard finish. Sydney Harbour’s Fresco gives elegance and sophistication to any wall, and is widely used in foyers, hotel reception areas and concert halls. 


Fresco is usually applied with a trowel, but may be applied with a wide decorating brush or spatula. If applying by brush a rough finish will result. Sand then seal and polish.


The first, or base coat, of Sydney Harbour’s Fresco will cover approximately 30 sq. ft. per 1.25kg (Quart Container) at a nominal thickness of 3mm, depending upon application method, porosity, surface texture and wastage rates. Subsequent skim coats will cover up to 100 sq. ft. per 1.25kg (Quart Container).

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